Monday, 14 May 2018

In The Frame

Two weeks ago, I started a new counted cross stitch.  This one is from the Craft Collection and is called Christmas Robin.  I’ve had this kit for more years than I care to mention and it has been on my ‘to do’ list of craft projects, so it is good to finally have it in the frame.

I was attracted to this design because it features my favourite bird and it also features a church, which reminds me of a one in a village outside Harrogate, where I used to live.

I’ve enjoyed working on this in the evening and it is lovely to have a size which is easier to handle than the huge seaside cross stitch, which I finished in the summer of 2016.  Now that the robin is in place, the design is starting to take shape.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

A Creative Journey

I have embarked on a 12 week journey of self-discovery, following The Artist’s Way.  I bought this book a few weeks ago, but then procrastinated until I started to feel guilty about not getting down to work.  I feel that there is some untapped creativity within me and I want to explore it.  This book is my guide and, together with my new red notebook, I am setting out to find ways to discover and recover my creative self.

Having said that, I am already creating in different ways.  I still enjoy my knitting and have recently started a new counted cross stitch pattern.  I’ve also been writing, but I don’t feel ready to share this project with you just yet.  Maybe after I have completed my journey of self-discovery, I will be ready to tell you about it.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Thoughts of Summer

I’m slow at sharing these little beach huts, which I started knitting last summer.  The knitting part was finished in good time, but the construction took a little longer.  Mr Candytuft kindly built the framework (from cardboard) and I eventually found time to sew them together.

In looking at these photos, I just noticed that I forgot to stitch the buttons on for the door handles.

There is still no sign of summer here - spring is only just getting underway.  The grass is now green, but the trees remain leafless.

It may be a few weeks before it is warm enough for a trip to the beach.  These little beach huts are filled with pearl barley for weight, as I intend to use them as door-stops, once it is warm enough to have the windows wide open.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

On The Road Again...

Yesterday, we went on a little road trip.  We had to go to Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is quite a distance from Prince Edward Island

Our journey took us across three provinces - PEI, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

The road ahead was mostly empty and signs of spring had yet to appear.

We crossed the Cobequid Pass, which is located in Nova Scotia, with climb after climb through rocky terrain.

This lake is on the outskirts of Halifax and, as you see, the weather changed completely by the time we arrived (the journey took four hours, including a short stop for breakfast).

It was a quick turnaround, after a couple of stops, we were back on the road and returning home.  The entire trip was more than 600 kilometres (and far too long spent in the car!)

Mr Candytuft drove the city part of the trip, whilst I took over through Truro N.S., after which the roads emptied out and the highway ahead was clear.

The lights ahead are the start of the Confederation Bridge.

We had left in rain, but returned to blue sky, sunshine and 17 C.

Although PEI has yet to turn green, we noticed that spring is more advanced around Halifax, where the grass is green and spring flowers are starting to bloom.

Descending from the bridge as we headed towards home.  As you see, all traces of the pack ice have finally disappeared from the Northumberland Strait.  Almost home - thankfully!

Friday, 13 April 2018

Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday and I’ve been fortunate to receive birthday wishes from family and friends far and wide.  This is my card collection so far, though I know that there are others on their way.  Our post is very slow here - must have something to do with living on an island!

Mrs Tiggy Winkle put in an appearance - she is a birthday gift from Mr Candytuft.  Here she is enjoying a cup of tea.

 And as no birthday is complete without cake, we had chocolate cupcakes, which I had kept in the freezer (leftovers from Easter).

We went to Charlottetown today and enjoyed lunch at our favourite pub.  Sadly, the weather was not very spring-like, as we had snow this morning, but the sun was shining by the time we were on our way home and I’ve had a lovely day.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Hot Cross Buns

I spent some time baking today.  Making hot cross buns is a lengthy process, but so worthwhile.

I love hot cross buns and Good Friday is the only time that I make them.  To make good buns, it is necessary to allow the dough to rise three times, which takes up to three hours.

They were ready just in time for a cup of afternoon tea and a still-warm bun, fresh from the oven.  After a month of healthy eating, this was a welcome treat.  

Wishing you all a happy Easter.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Healthy Eating

March has been healthy eating month in our household.  After too many little indulgences at Christmas and less activity than ideal, due to inclement weather, we felt the need to try something different.  The surprising breakfast favourite has been ‘perfect porridge’ from The Food Effect Diet - mine served with cinnamon and raspberries.

We have eaten lots of salads, which have been absolutely delicious.  I’ve never eaten so much green salad, but it is actually quite filling and I feel quite virtuous in avoiding bread to fill me up.  

This eating plan includes healthy recipes and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  And the best bit is that I don’t feel deprived in any way, as I can still have wholemeal bread (in moderation), dark chocolate and an occasional glass of red wine.

We intend to continue with our healthy eating, though we are going to have a couple of little treats at Easter - I’m thinking about baking some of my chocolate cupcakes (though I will replace half of the sugar with stevia).